A Guide On How To Pluck Your Human Hair Lace Wig

A Guide On How To Pluck Your Human Hair Lace Wig

In recent times, women have embraced lace front wigs more than before. The frontal wigs come with a lace base that runs from ear to ear. When buying such a wig, you can get it in plucked or pre-plucked form. Plucked means the hairline is ready for you to wear. However, the pre-plucked types have to  .be prepared before the installation. The process is a bit tasking for beginners with no knowledge of lace wigs. This write-up delves into steps of plucking your own human hair lace wig.

How to pluck your lace wig

Plucking means cutting part of the lace and removing a few hairs from the wig's hairline. The process enables you to create a hairline similar to yours, making the wig look natural. It's also delicate as over-plucking will ruin the wig. The procedure requires a wig stand, tweezers, comb, and pins. Make sure you have everything ready before starting the plucking.

1. Wear the wig and outline your natural hair

This is a necessary step for beginners. Those familiar with this can skip right into the wig stans step. You can tell the wig's hairline is way ahead of yours after wearing it. Move some hairs to make the lace visible. Lightly outline your natural hairline on the lace using an eye pencil. The marking will guide you as to how far back you can pluck the wig.

2. Place the human hair lace wig on the wig stand

After marking, remove the wig and put it on the stand. You need to have the wig in one position. So, use pins to secure it since any movement can ruin everything.

3. Comb through the human hair lace wig

Use a proper comb, preferably a rattail comb, to do the job. Take it through the hair from front to back, ensuring it has no knots or tangles. Make the hair smooth, keeping everything at the back and exposing the hair. Take note of the outline you created before starting the process.

4. Begin plucking the human hair lace wig

A non-plucked wig hairline is usually dense and straight. Start by reducing the density by plucking without creating bald spots. Use quick strokes while moving away from the face. Remember to concentrate on the entire front and just the middle section. Once everything is spaced out, revisit your marking and tweeze out each hair past the outline. The purpose of the marking is to avoid overplucking. Also, it will help in lace cutting later on after the procedure.

5. Repeat the process above

A single plucking session may not be enough. Repeat the process if necessary, ensuring the entire front is uniform. Go ahead and comb forward a few hairs if you're satisfied with the results. Trim the hairs you'll style using gel to act as baby hairs.

Final words

Human hair lace wig plucking is a straightforward procedure with the proper knowledge. No need to worry if you get an unplucked wig delivered. Gather the necessary tools and follow the guide above. The process may be slow initially, but it gets easier with time. Be careful not to overpluck since you'll ruin the entire wig.