Bulk Wood Pellets - the Perfect Choice for a Clean Burning Fire!

Bulk Wood Pellets - the Perfect Choice for a Clean Burning Fire!

In the wintertime, you want to be sure that your home will stay warm and cozy. But, with rising fuel and electricity costs, it can be tough to keep your bills under control. We're proud to offer bulk wood pellets for sale at our store! With our bulk wood pellets, you get a high-quality heating product at a great price. You can purchase them by ton or pallet—the choice is yours! If you're interested in learning more about how our store offers this great service, keep reading!

About Bulk Wood Pellets

Bulk wood pellets are made from sawdust, chips, and other wood byproducts that are ground into a fine powder. When the pelletized sawdust is burned in a stove, it releases less ash than traditional logs and produces no soot. This makes clean-burning wood pellets great for those with asthma or other respiratory problems!

Turning sawdust into pellets is called pelletization because it compresses the material into round shapes resembling tiny eggs. The fuel value of these compressed pellets is higher than hardwood logs because they can be stored longer without losing their usefulness - you'll see fewer trips to the store or lumberyard with your pickup truck!

Bulk wood pellet fuel comes in three grades: Premium, which burns hotter and longer; Standard grade; Economy grade (which may contain ash). Each type has its characteristics depending on the trees used during production. You'll want to choose based on what type(s) will work best in your fireplace or stove system, so check out our website today for more details about each option available at our online store now!

Bulk Wood Pellet Pricing

The price of wood pellets varies from bulk supplier to bulk supplier. The cost per ton may differ for each provider, so it is important to research before making a purchase.

Why Choose Wood Pellets for Heating?

Have you ever considered using wood pellets as a fuel source? If not, here are some reasons why you should!

  • Wood pellets are a renewable resource. With our growing population and dwindling resources, we need to stop burning fossil fuels and start looking towards other energy sources. Wood pellets can be created sustainably, allowing us to use them without harming the environment.
  • Wood pellets are clean-burning, producing very little pollution or ash when burned correctly. This makes them ideal for heating homes with little concern for their effects on air quality in your home or office space.
  • Wood pellets store easily—they won't spill or leak as traditional firewood does! You don't have to worry about where or how much space you'll need to store your wood pellets either because they're easy enough to find at most stores that sell firewood (and if not there, ask if they can order some).
  • Last but not least: how easy is it to get started with this new heating system? Once again, no worries here because now many different models are available that make starting up an efficient pellet stove incredibly simple, even if you've never used one before!

Bulk Wood Pellets vs. Other Biofuels

Pellet stoves are the easiest and most efficient way to heat your home. But what if you don't want to buy a new stove? Pellets are a great alternative.

They burn cleanly, with no soot or smoke. They're also easy to store, transport, and install in your existing stove—or any other fuel-burning device. And they're economical: Compared to natural gas, the current standard for heating homes in much of the country, pellets cost about half as much for equivalent heat output (and about one-third less than propane).

With bulk wood pellets, you can have reliable heat at a reasonable price!

The advantages of using bulk wood pellets are many. They are a great choice for heating because they are less expensive than other biofuels, such as firewood. Also, you can store and transport them easily without worrying about them getting wet or damaged. Finally, when it's time to use your pellets, they're easy to handle, and you don't have to mess with chopping up logs beforehand—all you need is an auger that feeds into your stove.


This article examines why bulk wood pellets are a great choice for heating your home. You’ll notice that they offer many benefits over other types of biofuels like natural gas or propane.