Pressure Washer Accessories- The Ultimate Guide

Pressure Washer Accessories- The Ultimate Guide

Pressure washer accessories are all those different items that are used to enhance the efficiency, performance, and capacity of the washer. These items include brooms, brushes, flexible nozzles range, hose reels, pipes, couplers, pump cleaner, detergent, & many other things.

You can buy these accessories from any online store or along with your washer from the same brand. For you to purchase any attachment, it is important to know the purpose and application behind that.

Here we have got you a list of important pressure washer accessories. You can purchase them to save the maintenance cost and to avoid your pressure washer damage.

1. Brushes

How can we forget about the brushes in the cleaning process? Well, it's a basic need of every cleaning process, whether it's washing or dusting.

Various sizes of rotatory brushes are available in the stores. These brushes will provide you quick dust, mud, and grim removal even from the tiny holes.

2. Nozzles

Pressure washer nozzles are basically categorized into five color-coded types based on the pressure range, application, degree, and angle.

Other than these five types, various additional nozzles are available for multipurpose. Sewer nozzles & brass soap nozzles are examples of it. These are specially designed to unclog the sewer pipes & for clog-resistant use of detergent for cleaning.

3. Trigger Gun

A trigger gun or sprayer is an accessory that connects the outlet & inlet ports. These guns are available in standard sizes that are usually ⅜ and ¼ inches.

Many other sizes are also available other than these for various applications. The common examples are open, dump, straight through, & front entry gun (for low-pressure chemicals & underwater pressure washer uses)

4. Extension Lances

Extension lances are a pole-like item that is specially designed to reach the smallest spaces. Extension lances can increase the length of lances up to 40cm in a pressure washer.

With the use of extension lances, you can make washing easier and more efficient.

5. Water Filters

You need to replace the pressure washer filter every three months. However, the additional filters are not being provided by the pressure washer.

Make sure to buy additional filters to increase the life of your washer.

6. Pump Protector

The proper maintenance and cleaning of the pump are very important for the washer's functionality. The pump protector removes all the mineral and other build-up materials to avoid blockage in the pump. It is a must-needed item that you should buy along with or right after the pressure washer purchase.

7. Detergent

Many pressure washers are designed for detergent cleaning. For such washers, you need to purchase detergents.

These detergents are used for better cleaning purposes. Make sure to buy the same brand of detergent as for your pressure washer. Other detergents might cause serious damage to your pressure washer.

Considerable Features for Pressure Washer Accessories Purchase

If you are thinking about purchasing some accessories for your pressure washer, there are some factors that you need to consider. These factors include:

  • Brand of pressure waster
  • Specification of accessory (size, length, material)
  • Type of pressure washer (electric/gas)
  • Pressure rate of pressure washer

Where to Buy?

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Final Words

Pressure washer accessories are the basic need of this tool. You have to buy for the maintenance of your pressure washer.

The above-mentioned list contains just a few important accessories, but you can visit the site for more useful products.