What is Trisodium Phosphate Used For?

What is Trisodium Phosphate Used For?

Trisodium phosphate, also known as TSP, is an inorganic chemical compound. This compound is present in the form of white crystals or powder. TSP can easily dissolve in water, which is used in multiple applications because of this property.

When sodium carbonate is used to neutralize phosphoric acid, disodium hydrogen phosphate is produced, which reacts with sodium hydroxide to form TSP and H2O. Trisodium phosphate has many essential and valuable properties, which is why this compound is used in different industries, both in pure and mixed forms.

If you want to know how valuable this compound is, here are some valuable points!

How Valuable This Compound Is?

1. Trisodium Phosphate in Cleaning

Trisodium phosphate has wide applications in cleaning industries. This compound is used to remove grease and mildew and make detergents for residential and commercial cleaning.

But what makes TSP ideal for cleaning?

As mentioned above, Trisodium phosphate is alkaline. The alkalinity of this compound makes it an ultimate cleaning solution.

The alkaline nature of this compound can easily break down the grease, fatty acid, and oil particles on clothes or elsewhere. This compound can readily dissolve in water to sanitize, remove stains, and clean.

Another primary reason for using TSP for this application is its low price and non-toxic nature, making them pocket and user-friendly.

2. Use as Food Additive

The use of TSP as a food additive is a bit wondering as many believe this chemical is harmful to health. So, what allows the manufacturer to use its food additive?

TSP is among those few additives widely used to improve food texture and flavor and prolong shelf life. This chemical is used in many baked and processed food items. However, only a limited and safe amount of this chemical is used in processing.

This compound works as the moisture holder and emulsifier to maintain pH and the thinking of food items.

3. Trisodium Phosphate and Painting

TSP is widely used in the cleaning of walls before painting. This compound is used to remove the old glossy paint from the walls. The oil and grease particles breaking property of TSP let the paint easily peel off from the walls making the wall clear for new paint adhesion.

Besides removing the old paint, TSP is also used to remove the oil and fatty acid stains from kitchen walls, furniture, and other surfaces. So, the new color looks fantastic and adheres properly.

Is Trisodium Phosphate Safe to Consume?

Because trisodium phosphate's used as a food additive, many concerns are circulating in the market. And a very common question is; is it safe to use TSP.

The US food administration FDA classifies TSP in the safe food preservative and additive list. Just like baking soda and other additives, TSP is entirely safe for human health, leaving no to very few effects behind.

However, this compound should be used only in a limited amount, and it's better not to exceed that limit.

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Wrap Up!

Regardless of the misconceptions and concerns associated with trisodium phosphate, this compound is widely and successfully used in different industries. This article contains all the uses and information about this compound that you need to know to use them.